a message from a cubing god

Yesterday, while trying to decide how I’m going to put up a “how-to” guide on speedsolving different puzzles, something occurred to me. I wondered, why make a new (probably crappy) tutorial when you can guide others on following what I did in the past? The tons of tutorials I’ve downloaded over YouTube and countless print-outs were very usefull but was rather too time-consuming (to search, download,  and save) and study altogether. Instead, I will make a page, with subpages ragerding stuff like, where to get a cube/ puzzle, where to get one, how to improve, what method to study, etc… I will also include links and videos (of course with permission and due credit to these geniuses) of the stuff I studied and learned during these past few months and hopefully, thru hard-work and money (Yes, money) you will become a relatively good speedcuber.

Oh, one more thing. I asked permission from username badmephisto , to link and maybe feature the stuff I learned from him. And here’s his reply:

of course, that would be no problem.


expect the page to be up in a few days..


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