new pages

I decide to separate the nested pages of “cubing” and made them into separate pages. I thought that since the area below my header is still spacious, why not add more pages? This is starting to look like a speedcubing blog! LOL!

There is a new cubing videos, it includes vids I made in the past and put up more ones I made to visually document what it looks like when one gets faster and better at this. I hope to inspire people to think that cubing isn’t “that” hard, you just need to work harder if you want to become faster. It’s different knowing how to solve one than to actually finish it at lightning speed!

I’ll post later how to become a speedcuber (if you aspire to be one), how to start, what you need, and what steps to take…

For now, get yourself a decent turning cube and try to discover for yourself. Play around with it and after it has become much looser from where you started and got used to the mechanics of how a cube works, search YouTube and read my future posts…


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