Mission: Failed

As the title implies, after hours of scouring the haven of second-hand to brand new units of technology, I come home empty handed. <sigh>

The prices only differed a lil bit from a brand new notebook sold today. The price of new ones caught up how much a previously loved item cost. The cheapest one I could find was worth 7,500 bucks and the next one was 8,000 bucks. I only needed 900 Pesos more to get a new one! Geez…

I’ll put this crazy idea on hold and focus on more “important” tasks at hand. (As if there was any.)

I just bought a Tado shirt (I’m not realy sure what his clothing company is called.) and bought two for 250 bucks each. One says, “Hindi bale nang tamad, hindi naman pagod!” (Rough translation would be, “It’s ok to be lazy, at least I’m not tired!”) and the other one says “Pangit noon” (Ugly before) in front and “Maglaway ka ngayon!” (Now. drool all you want!) at the back.

Hilarious! Nyahahaha! Can’t wait to wear it at the mall and get curious (or annoyed) stares of shoppers…


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