read something interesting lately?

Our uncle once visited us for a while and he carried something around, which caught my eye. A few months ago, all I was reading was chapter after chapter of eye-bleeding Saunder’s Review book for NCLEX and strangely enough, this book (or guide, bwahaha!) was very… uhmmm.. refreshing (?) indeed. Here’s the scanned cover by the way:

History of Torture

History of Torture

Uhmmm… didn’t I tell you it was refreshing? LOL! Check out the last line after the authors name: ILLUSTRATED! Yep! It was indeed illustrated, but it’s definitely not the “encyclopedia” type book that has very detailed captions under each picture. Instead, this book is a compilation of all the known and documented types/ methods of torture dating as far as the start of modern civilization.  John Swain also included newspaper (?) clippings and articles from old books and literature of the same theme and sort of put them all together in this book.  Yes it was kinda odd seeing old drawings (yes, drawings not actual people getting dismembered) of these torture devices but it was kinda small and some pages even had 3-4 small images packed in one teeny pocketbook-sized page.  (I’m sorry I didn’t get to scan some pictures but the cover pics looks exactly what was inside, besides, the book was already  too frail to be flipped wide open and sandwiched between the scanner. Maybe this very book was already used for torture in some ways like making students balance it with their arms spread out… Sinister!)

To be honest, it was a good read, though I didn’t get to read it cover-to-cover because of the very small text (around size 7-8 ) and a classic font. Though this yellowing beast will make your eyes tired after a while, it still a haven of torture stuff, you haven’t even dreamed of. (but others did even thousands of years ago.) This proves that the human mind is capable of many things, even how baleful or evil they may be…

Edward Cullen who?

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