bloodiest UFC fight ever!

Last night, while watching cable tv, I stumbled across UFC wired hosted by Joe Rogan (did I get that right?) and the fight was just about to start between Hawaiian BJ ” the Prodigy” Penn and Joe “Daddy” Stevenson. I’m not really a hardcore fan of the UFC, but it was such good timing that I’m going to see a fight that made me squirm! Let me remind you, I’m a nurse, therefore I’m not squeemish seeing blood everywhere but man! This takes the prize of being the bloodiest UFC fight I have seen in my life.

I don’t really care if you disagree with me on this, you might say “oh, you should’ve seen this fight with this fighter nyah nyah nyah…”  If you’ve seen Kill Bill (the movie), and you remember seeing blood squirt out of the poor Japanese mob guys that Uma Thurman beheaded with her ultra-electro-magnetically-sharp katana?  Congratulations, you can witness the very same thing, LIVE. The thing is no dismemberment happened in this clip, just a small gash on Joe’s forehead will be enough.

Here’s the clip from YouTube:

It was like BJ Penn was going to murder Joe Stevenson! There’s blood everywhere! Damn! Watch out for the move where BJ Penn finished off the match with a rear-naked choke, the blood was like, “spurt, spurt, spurt!” Cool!!! (and gross at the same time.)

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  1. Ciekawy blog, tematyka podobna do mojego, zapraszam na moja strone, pozdrawiam

    February 23, 2009 at 6:57 AM

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