Rasterbator! (its not what you think!)

The Rasterbator is an application which creates rasterized versions of images. The rasterized images can be printed and assembled into enormous (or smaller, if you prefer) posters. Enter the online Rasterbation Gallery to see what the images look like.

The Rasterbator originated as a web application at, but it has gained so much popularity that the web server occassionally cannot handle the load and a standalone version was in place.

The standalone version is the same as the web version, except that downloading images from the web and image cropping are not supported, and you have to set the output size numerically (number of pages wide/high) rather than using a fancy drag handle. The results are exactly the same.rast-3

Invader Zim rasterbated by Bryon T. Smedley

Invader Zim rasterbated by Bryon T. Smedley

Do you have suggestions on what I could Rasterbate? Why did of all the letters and vowels and consonants and to combine did they choose this name???!

So what are you waiting for, download the program at this site, make sure that you have .NET framework 1.1 installed before you could use this bad-ass of an app.

Rasterbate! Rasterbate! Rasterbate! Woohoo! I’ll post what I’ve Rasterbated in the upcoming posts… It’ll be hot!

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