McDonald’s Commercial Rocks!

This is a McDonald’s Commercial released in the Philippines very recently, and I must say,

it really tugged some heartstrings inside me. Check it out….

Here’s the transcription and translation:

tuwing pumupunta ako dito,                                    everytime I go here

naalala ko lahat,                                                      I remember everything/ it comes back to me
parang kahapon lang.                                            just like it was only yesterday.


parang ang tagal na naming magkakilala,            it’s like we’ve known each other for a long time

yung mga gusto ko, gusto rin niya.                       what I like, she likes it too.

tapos biglang…                                                        then suddenly…

( magkahawak ating kamay/at walang kamalay-malay/na tinuruan mo ang puso ko/na umibig na tunay)
( we’re holding hands/ and I didn’t notice/ you taught my heart/ to love truly)

at kahit hindi rin naging kami sa huli,                  although we didn’t end up together (in the end)

siya pa rin ang first love ko..                                  she’s still my first love..

If I were to star in this plug, very little would change..

First, we were already in College.Then, we meet outside a McDonald’s store inside a mall.We get two large fries (dashed with salt, hold the ketchup!) and two large Sprites. (check the straws first.) The ending? I have no idea. I’ve never met her ever since...

Credits go to:

Creative Team:
GADC (McDo Clients) : Margot Torres / Christina Lao / Mel Montemayor
Creatives : Teeny Gonzales – ECD-Copy / Argem Vinuya – Sr. Art Director
Accounts : Tey San Diego / Wella Balagtas / Lester Obice
Producer : Irene Chingcuangco
Director : Stephen Ngo
Prod House : Provill / Sound Design
Caster : Enrich Munchua
Musical Work : “Ang Huling El Bimbo” by Ely Buendia

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