American Idol Fever is Back!

American Idol Season 8 kicks off with auditions in Phoenix, Arizona! While it’s kinda frosty here in Manila, it was scorching for the thousands of hopefuls who lined up to wait for the judges. While the hundred degree heat doesn’t stop them, here comes the judges. As usual, grammy-winner kara-dioguardi-37375871Paula Abdul arrives looking very relaxed, my man Randy Jackson was cool as always, my favorite-brit-of-all-time Simon Cowell was even smiling for the press before entering the audition room, and how could I forget, the newest addition to the cast of AI, Kara DioGuardi.  Pronounced (pronounced kɛrʌ dioʊˈgwɑrdi/, DioGuardi has worked with Celine Dion, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, and Paula Abdul according to trusty Wikipedia. In addition, DioGuardi co-owns Arthouse Entertainment, a publishing company that is a resource business for record companies and other music entities seeking compositions, productions, artists, and related music services. Arthouse has been a part of many chart-topping hits including Cassie’s “Me & U” (written and produced by Ryan Leslie), Jim Jones’ “We Fly High” (written and produced by Zukhan Bey), Nick Lachey’s “What’s Left of Me”, David Archuleta’s hit single “Crush” (written and produced by Eman Kiriakou), Mika’s “Grace Kelly” and also OneRepublic’s “Apologize” and “Stop and Stare” (all produced by Greg Wells), and Faith Hill’s “Lost” (written and produced by Kara DioGuardi and Mitch Allan).

And many more collaborations with amazing chart-toppers I am too lazy to write about. Anyway, what surprised me the most is not “why they added a new judge“, it’s “why just now?” You see, rumors are circulating (usually by my older brother) that ’80’s grammy winner. Paula Abdul220px-paula_abdul_red_dress_collection_20051 was gonna be fired and replaced by someone else. To Paula Abdul fans, die-hard or not, no, I don’t hate her. She is a breath-of-fresh air to the show,a firecracker if you might add, and whatever dance moves you can conjure at the mention of her name. It’s just that she is just”too nice” to contestants who doesn’t even have “it” to go through the next round. More often, she couldn’t even answer a simple “Yes or No”, if he/ she would make it too Hollywood. I just think that “being nice” wouldn’t make someone happy. Maybe, for the meantime, but when the second round starts, that contestant would just squirm and cry out of agony because of the overwhelming real talent surrounding him/her. Then him/her would just cry thinking “it was so close!” when in fact, it wasn’t.  Yes, it was not meant to be. Get over it. That’s why you are called a “hopeful”. Get it? Why am I explaining this to you anyway? Sheez.

Maybe the producers realized it’s time to put a female judge who can judge (can’t think of any better word), to sort of balance it out. Karakatrina-darrell DioGuardi even had a little catfight with “bikini girl” / Katrina Darrell because she tought that she didn’t even has the chops to sing that song and belted out the proper way of singing the piece. I agreed with her, Katrina didn’t have the power or expertise to sing that song. She went on to Hollywood anyway, even after Paula and Kara’s protests. Simon and Randy thought she was good enough (maybe they did it just to tick the girls off) and got a good laugh after it.

Good for Ryan Seacrest ,bikini girl promised to make out with him when she gets the golden ticket. Lucky dog, you!

According to, 27 Golden Tickets were handed out in Phoenix and thousands more auditions to go. Here’s a picture of her from, a fansite which is pretty much still empty as of this moment.

Oh and yes, for those who thinks that they do not need the new judge, I beg to disagree.

I think she is the next best thing to not seeing Paula Abdul on the show.


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