There’s Always a First Time

I’ve always been thinking about starting this blog for the past 6 months, (the same as writing a novel I’ve been aching to write down)

but hey! Here I am..

As of today,  I don’t have a stable job, I just survive by accepting transcribing and note-taking stints at a reputable marketing-research firm. My credit card bills are piling up and the thoughts of being broke is already hounding me.

So to keep moving forward (I love that phrase.) I already registered for an IVT training, which starts on the first week of February. I’d keep you posted about that in about a few weeks. By the way, I already posted a video on YouTube about my journey going to Bulacan Medical Center.

In the next few days, I will post (I promise) more stuff I did in the past few months to keep you up to speed what I’ve been recently doing. So please visit my blog or rather subscribe to the stuff I make around the net.

Hope you love my first banner (I made it myself), please comment about it. Suggestions are welcome too..


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